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Williamsport overlook2Williamsport Little League HQ

It was a Sunday, again, when my Jane and I visited our second Pennsylvania County Seat. We were driving east on interstate highway 80 after gathering with Jane’s family to celebrate her Mother’s 88th birthday. We had a work related appointment on the way back home in Northeastern Pennsylvania. As we were traveling somewhere between Bellefonte and Lock Haven we received a phone call (what did we do before we had cell phones?) that cancelled the appointment. My Jane thought we might eat a hot dog at a county seat now that we did not have the business deadline. This was, I thought, a very good idea. We had a little bit of an issue, however, because we had just eaten some turkey sandwiches and pie that Jane’s Mom had packed for us for the trip. We both were full! We discussed our options and decided that we had to travel as far as Lewisburg before we tried to eat again. We sort of settled on Lewisburg until I saw a distance to Williamsport sign. We decided that Williamsport was a good place to go since we could ‘do’ Lewisburg’ another day when we could also ‘do’ Sunbury which is close to Lewisburg

We left 80 at the route 15 exit and headed north. On the way we discussed the need to have done more research so we could be more knowledgeable about the County Seats and places to eat a hot dog. So, I would now have some work to do in preparation of the next unexpected trip in search of a hot dog. As we traveled north on 15 I began to remember a previous trip with our daughter Sarah. We passed the Reptile house where Sarah and I had held a Reptile of some kind many years before. We came to the Bald Eagle Overlook where Sarah and I had taken picture with an ‘old fashioned’ camera with film in it. Jane and I took selfies from the overlook on our phone. Seeing Williamsport spreading out along the West Branch Susquehanna River from the mountain is a beautiful sight.

We stopped at the Little League headquarters which was closed on Sunday for a photo op and decided to find the court house and then get our food so we could eat there. Without asking for directions we headed toward a bell tower that looked like a government building. The great thing about coming into Williamsport on route 15 is that you are looking down on the town until you get to the bridge over the river. We found the old city building without any trouble. Of course that isn’t what we thought we were finding. Fortunately, someone was loading or unloading a truck on the next block and he gave us direction to the County Court House. We drove by the building and then backtracked to a Dairy Queen we had seen on the way in. We had forgotten that we were on a one way street in South Williamsport on the way in. We felt like we were in the twilight zone when we arrived back at the Little League Headquarters without seeing the Dairy Queen. But, you cannot keep me away from a hot dog for very long and we found the place as we retraced our route down the mountain.

My Jane ordered one Chili Cheese Dog and I ordered two plus an Oreo Blizzard. (It was Dairy Queen, I had to have some ice cream.) I shared with our server, Alex that we were on a quest to eat a hot dog in all the county seats in Pennsylvania and we were going to eat this at the Court House. I had the impression that she did not believe me but decided to be kind to this very strange man who wanted to take her picture. Maybe she thought if she was nice I would go away without hurting anyone! The air was breezy and cool as we sat at a picnic table outside the Lycoming County Court House. We finished one hot dog each when the cold encouraged us to return to the car.

Not being one to allow a shopping moment get away from her My Jane suggested that she shop at the Kohl’s department store two blocks from the court house while I ate my second hot dog and blizzard. I love it when a plan comes together.

A Little History: Lycoming County was formed from Northumberland County on April 13, 1795 and originally consisted of an area that today includes sixteen other counties. The original name of the county was Jefferson named after the President of the same name. Eventually the name was changed to Lycoming after considerations of using Muncy and Susquehanna as the name. Lycoming is the name of a creek that runs through the county.

Now you are caught up with our quest and we will accomplish the rest of this adventure together. See you next time.

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