It's a Wonderful Life2It's A Wonderful life

One of my favorite Christmas movies is It’s A Wonderful Life. I watch the movie every December along with several other favorites as part of my Christmas tradition. Two times during the movie George Bailey walks in to Mr. Gower’s drugstore and wishes for a million dollars. The first time George wishes for a million dollars he is a boy who works for Mr. Gower and saves Mr. Gower from making a horrible mistake. In the second scene George is a young man who thinks he is on his way out of Bedford Falls to travel the world.

In both scenes George plays a little game with a prop that results in a flame being lit after he wishes, “I wish I had a million dollars.’ The question for you is, “What did George exclaim after the flame was lit in each instance?”

Of course-“Hotdog!”

See you next time.

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