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Danville 11-9-14Danville2 11-9-14

On a sunny 57 degree November 9, 2014 my Jane and I took part in the Eastern Pennsylvania Quilt Shop Hop. My Jane is an owner of The Quilted Crow quilt shop in Lehighton. The Quilted Crow is part of the Eastern Pennsylvania Shop Hop every November. Being the owner of a shop doesn’t allow many opportunities to visit other shops. With one day off during the shop hop it was time to do some hopping. As it turned out it was a good day to start my Selfie Quest for Hotdogs in the Pennsylvania County Seats as well. The first stop of the three stop hop was in the Montour County Seat, Danville. The day was Sunday and most of the downtown was closed as I searched for a hotdog while my Jane was shopping at The Rose of Sharin’. After wandering along three or four blocks I found myself in front of The Pub II on Mill Street. The pub was open and their menu was posted outside. The menu included some fine sounding pub food but there were no hotdog meals mention. After thinking it over I decided to go in and ask if they had hotdogs. There were about six people sitting at the bar watching the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Jets. The bartender, Maureen was changing the channel of the second television to the Dallas Cowboy and Jacksonville Jaguars game.

Maureen greeted me and I explained that I had read the menu outside and didn’t see any hotdogs. “Do you have hotdogs?” I asked. She thought maybe they did and disappeared through the kitchen door. Upon her return she declared that they did indeed have hotdogs. I ordered three. Maureen asked if I wanted them with chili, onions, cheese or ‘loaded’. Well ‘loaded’ sounded perfect for my first hotdog on my Selfie Quest for Hotdogs. I ordered two loaded and one plain for my Jane. Later in our conversation I asked if we could add mustard to the plain hotdog. Being a good bartender Maureen asked if I wanted anything to drink which I declined. Then she asked if I was from the area. I explained that I was on a quest to eat a hotdog in every Pennsylvania County Seat. Well, she became very interested and asked how far I had been on this quest and other questions. I explained that this was my first stop and my only stop on this day because my Jane and I were on a Shop Hop trip. “Are you keeping a journal?” she wanted to know. I stated that I was keeping a record. This at the time meant I was taking pictures (freakishly long arms makes it easy to take selfies) and checking off the County Seats on a list I had created as I visited them.

My mind works well but sometimes it is a little slow. As my Jane and I continued our shop hop to Sweet Valley and the 118 Fabrics and More quilt shop and on to The Quilterie in Effort the idea of a journal started to germinate in my slow speed mind. Now I was sorry that I hadn’t taken a photo of Maureen to include in a journal of this quest. While we were shopping for apples at Heckman’s Orchard (no relation) I knew I was going to do more than check off each County Seat after I ate a hotdog in the place.

Sunday evening I put the pictures from the Selfie Quest for Hotdogs on Facebook and my friends responded with invitations to visit when I was at a County Seat near them and suggestions for places to eat hotdogs.

Alan shared, “Crystal Palace hot Weiner shop in Reading, right next to a hobby shop if I remember right. 🙂 It’s in downtown Reading close to Penn St, think 6th and Franklin if I remember. Iron Horse Hobby is next to it.”

Bruce quipped, “Don’t forget Yocco’s in Allentown!

Dana shared, “You should go to the Squeeze In in Sunbury, PA. My Dad ate there growing up with his Dad. He always ordered 2 hot dogs and a chocolate milk.”

Other friends also gave helpful suggestions and/or support. Dave wrote, “You definitely have your priorities in place Allen, have fun “hot-doggin” 🙂 “

Cindy observed, “Great quest! Do not forget your Lipitor!”

“Fun, but I would have chosen cookies, cakes, candy, ice cream…definitely not a wiener! Lol” chuckled Patti.

“Come to Omaha and I’LL buy you a hot dog!” offered Peggy

Lora thought, “They say setting goals is “healthy!” …Have fun ;)”.

One friend, Sue, stated “Ooh, that sounds like a book just waiting to be written!” Okay, so is it a list to check off? Is it a journal? Is it a book? Now, I began this quest for the Holy Grail of Hotdogs just for the adventure. Now we are having thoughts of writing a third book. What to do? My Jane said, “This should be a blog. “ Okay, I thought that sounded like fun. (You have already heard this story.) So here goes.

Oh, and those loaded hotdogs at The Pub II were great.

A Little History: Montour County geographically the smallest county in PA (population 18,236) was created on May 3, 1850, from part of Columbia County and named for Andrew Montour, a prominent métis interpreter who served with George Washington during the French and Indian War or his mother Madame Montour, a woman of Indian and French descent, who was prominent in the Indian affairs. Danville, the county seat, was laid out in 1792 and incorporated as a borough on February 27, 1849. It was the county seat of Columbia from 1813 to 1846.

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