Danville2 11-9-14A quest by nature is arduous. The decision to blog about our quest seemed like a simple fun idea when we first had the idea. After all, lots of people blog. How difficult can it be? Well, it can be a quest. My first difficulty was trying to find out how to blog. Everyone I first contacted with wanted money to make this happen. Being a beginner in the blogging world I didn’t want to invest dollars at least until I felt like I would continue the quest. I contacted our internet provider who gave me a website to help me build a home page. Before I could create a home page I had to register. I break out in a cold sweat every time a pop-up appears on the screen asking one or both of the following questions; ‘username’ and/or ‘password’. Now the question for me is; Do they want some ‘username’ and ‘password’ that I created five years ago, have not used since and don’t know where I might find it? Or Am I supposed to create a new ‘username’ and ‘password’. Let me just say that I had to talk to two different folks at my provider to discover how to enter the requested site. Now, this site gave me options. I am sweating profusely now. What do any of these things mean that I am reading? I don’t know. But, ah-ha, one of the options states ‘free’ after its name. That is the one I want and now I am in wordpress setting up a home page. A tutorial is offered that directs me to explore various parts of the dashboard. I get lost and can’t get back to the tutorial. So, I exit out and start again from the beginning. This happens at least six times, maybe twenty times. But, the time comes when I actually post my first blog as I seat in a puddle of sweat. I believe the carpet will return to normal eventually. My blog is titled A Selfie Quest for Hotdogs. The title implies photos will be part of the quest which means I have to learn how to make the photos appear on the pages of my blog. The sweating begins again! Returning to the tutorial I repeat the process as mentioned above until I manage to upload photos to my media library. The next arduous task will be attempting to move the photos from the library to the blog page. I’m sweating already. When I finally figure this much out about the blog I will be able to share the first hot dog encounter and photos with you. I hope it doesn’t take weeks, or months, or years for that to happen. I’ll share the story behind the photo that has appeared at the top of this post later. See you next time.