My Jane decided the selfie quest for a hot dog sounded like fun and wants to join me in the adventure. Now, let’s talk about arduous! Let’s remember firstly that I am retired. This means my schedule is free, except for medical appointments, to travel pretty much when I want to. My Jane on the other hand owns a quilt shop, The Quilted Crow where she hangs out six days a week. We pause for a shameless advertisement for The Quilted Crow. Jane sells fabric, books related to quilting, accessories, sewing machines, thread and a few finished quilts. Where the quest is concerned My Jane’s one day off includes a good percentage of time sleeping as preparation for the next six days in the shop. How are we going to visit 67 county seats with a small window consisting of only a portion of one day every week? I don’t know! Many of the eating places in county seats will be closed on Sunday making it more difficult to find local flavor during the quests. But, the quest will be more fun with my bride going along with me. After 40 years of marriage we still enjoy being together so we will figure this out. Of course we will take much longer to complete the quest as a couple than I would by myself. But a quest after all is “a long or arduous search for something”. I guess this quest officially full fills both those requirements. I wonder what I will be sharing with you in between actual encounters with a hotdog. I guess all that will work itself out as we continue the quest. See you soon.