The word “quest” is defined as “a long or arduous search for something.” Arduous is defined as “involving or requiring strenuous effort; difficult and tiring.” Well, my Jane who is my life mate and I have determined to set out on a quest to eat a hot dog in every county seat in Pennsylvania. There are sixty-seven counties in the state which, I believe, fits the description of a quest as defined above. I believe eating sixty seven hot dogs seems to qualify as an arduous effort. Okay, so maybe it isn’t such an arduous effort in which case we might accept the verb definition of “quest” which is simply”searching for something”. We definitely are searching for something.

I hope you will join us vicariously through this blog as we travel around the Keystone State in search of hot dogs. We look forward to any help you might provide as to the best place to find a hot dog in Pennsylvania. See you soon.